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Red spaghetti with meat

Ingredients: Pasta Beef or Chicken Pasta Sauce Either half an onion or a whole small onion Cilantro Meat seasoning Mozzarella cheese (optional) Paprika (optional) Preparation: Chop up meat, onions, and cilantro Cooking: Boil water and add cooking oil before it boils. Once the water begins to boil, add the pasta and let cook for 15-20 […]

Lomo (o pollo) saltado

Ingredients: Beef or Chicken One tomato Half an onion Cilantro -Beef or Chicken seasoning Salt Garlic Preparation: Cut the meat into squares Mix in seasoning and salt to the meat and set aside Cut tomato and onion into long strips Chop cilantro Cooking: Add cooking oil to a deep frying pan Fry the garlic until […]