Ingredient substitutes/translationsSubstituciones

This is the list of substitue ingredients and or translations that we have found in the US.

  • Pimentón - Green pepper
  • Cebollita china - Green onions, scallions
  • Kion o ajo chino - Ginger or ginger root
  • Vainita - Green beans, string beans
  • Sillao - Soy sauce
  • Mensí - Brown bean sauce (buscar en mercados chinos)
  • Ají fresco - Hot pepper, jalapeños
  • Queso fresco - Feta cheese
  • Achiote - Annato, marca GOYA
  • Albahaca - basil, sweet basil
  • Palillo - Tumeric (indian stores)
  • Algarrobina - carob (health food stores)
  • Azucar impalpable - Powdered sugar, icing sugar, confectioners sugar
  • Ají amarillo - Chile paste directly from Peru, it can be found on some mexican stores.

Thanks to Jesus Lizarzaburu and Ted Olsen for their suggestions to the list.